Reflect on This

Do it.

Get naked.

I don’t mean nude, I mean naked.

Take it all off.

Take off your clothes.

Take off your makeup.

Take off your jewelry.

All of it.

Even the wedding ring.

Even the piercing that only your lover knows about.

Even those little bits of tech that let you see clearly. Take off the glasses, take out the contacts.

Wash that shit out of your hair, scrub off those perfumes, scents, deodorants, essences, all of them, get them off of your body and just stand.

Stand in front of the mirror.

Stand and look.

It doesn’t matter if the mirror shows you from top to toe, or just reflects your eyes back at you, just look.

I know it’s cold.

I know you feel silly.

Look some more.

Keep looking until you can finally….


Reflect on this.

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